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The Walls of Wind and Fire is an exciting debut novel from up and coming author T.J. Rourke. It's an adventure science fantasy with a hint of horror, set in a multiverse where beings can spend millennia walking between worlds, searching for truth, justice, or just a place to play.

A pair of beings finds themselves unexpectedly stranded on an unknown world. These two complementary opposites find themselves poised on the brink of wonderous discovery as the realm's ancient technological secrets and social-political intrigue conflate, catapulting them inexorably toward all-out war.

The novel blends an adventure and science fantasy seamlessly, sharing the wider world with Widelanders and readers alike. The Darktide Aeon describes a time when what we think we know can only serve to frighten us at the edge of consciousness, crafting a vast and inspiring universe of adventure and wonder.

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From the unforgettable characters to the technology the likes of which no one has ever dreamed of, this is a fresh new world that readers will want to stay in and explore. Rourke's brilliant prose and boundless imagination kept the pages turning!
Ransom Prestridge
"An exciting adventure through a distant, breathtaking world. Rourke blends fantasy themes with believable and likeable characters, in a universe where technology is so mind bogglingly advanced, magic seems almost quaint. A must read for any speculative fiction enthusiast."
Kevin Gubernatis

An Excerpt...

The Walls of Wind and Fire

"Across the mists of time and space, there is told a tale in as many tongues as there are worlds. It is the legend of a being, a creature possessed of great power and as great a burden like a supernatural force in the shape of a man.

According to the legend, this being was duty-bound to appear when times were dark, to offer his might when hope was dim and fear, great. He was known by as many names as there are languages to tell the tale. He was doomed to serve those whose humanity he would never comprehend. For more than a thousand years, he walked between the worlds: Gladring, the last of a sacred race.

As chance would have it, this barren soul came one day to meet the one who was his exact opposite. This other was as outgoing as Gladring was aloof, as passionate as he was cold, as charming as he was humorless, as handsome as well, you get the idea.

This man was a legend in his own right, as well known for his amazing adventures, his unfailing valor, his supreme prowess as fighter and lover, and most of all, his modesty. Jealous people called him the Liar. Frightened enemies called him the Reaver. He chose to go by the name given him by his own people: Sandrat, which means Weaver of Words.

They walked together into a new Quest, and legends sprang up in their footsteps. In honor of the occasion, the Sandrat christened his new friend with a name befitting their new undertaking."

A gust forced open the shutters and the door. Every candle and flame in the place blew out. Only the dim glow of the fireplace lit the room from behind the Sandrat's spread cloak, and the ghostly radiance of the night that came in the door. Everyone turned to see a figure in the doorway. Lightning crashed with thunder.

"Hello, Voyageur," the Sandrat said. "I was just talking about you."

Author T.J. Rourke

About the Author

T. J. Rourke has a background in geospatial analysis and technology; cartography; software development and web design. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife and Schatzie, the dachshund who owns their home. While he has written, designed, and edited technical documentation and training manuals, this is his first admitted work of fiction.

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